Avatar The Legend of Korra

is a brand new sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender, the series will begin Airing April 14th.
Turning The Tides Mako watches over Korra as she sleeps, she is exhausted after her traumatic experience, he holds her hand as Asami watches on from the doorway. At the same time Tenzin returns home and checks in on Pema and the 3 kids who have waited up for him, they are all glad that [...] Read More
In “Turning The Tides” Amon, Hiroshi and the Equalists attack the city with Airships, they take out all of the council members but Tenzin. How will the city deal with this massive attack and what will Tenzin do when the attack turns to Air Temple Island. Click Here to watch The Legend Of Korra Episode 10 [...] Read More
Out Of The Past Tarrlok has brought Korra to a cabin in the snowy mountains outside United Republic, he bloodbends her into a metal box and then drives back to the city. Meelo sleeping in his parents bed is awoken by the phone ringing, he answers it before Tenzin takes over. Tenzin is informed that [...] Read More
As the title says we have gotten the TV promo for this Saturday’s episode of Korra “Turning The Tides”   The description reads “Amon and The Equlists begin to attack Republic City” (paraphrased) Here is the clip not USA only so everyone can view http://korrasplace.tumblr.com/post/24986863901/the-legend-of-korra-new-clip-episode-10 And here is the Promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNZpWijr6ko Korra Book 1 Finale [...] Read More
In “Out Of The Past” the captured Korra begins to meditate on her visions, she manages to connect with Aang and clearly see her visions, but what do they mean. Meanwhile Tenzin, Lin and Korra’s friends go to search for her and stumble upon a prison where the equalists are keeping other hostages. Click Here [...] Read More
When Extremes Meet Mako, Bolin and Asami arrive to stay on Air Temple Island, the Air Acolytes unload Asami’s massive amounts of belongings she brought with her, they are greeted by Korra, Meelo, Ikki and Jinora. Meelo instantly develops a crush on Asami as they are all split up to go the the boys and [...] Read More
In “When Extremes Meet” Tarrlok has gained even more power in the city now that he has the support of the new Chief, Saikhan, but when Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin form the new Team Avatar they get in the way. How will everyone deal with Tarrlok now that he has more power ? Click [...] Read More
As the title says Korra is back after it’s 1 week break due to memorial day. Today June 2nd at 10am Central/11am Eastern/3pm GMT K108 “When Extremes Meet” will air.   Here is the episode Description As Equalist activity continues, Korra faces off against Councilman Tarrlok. And here are the two preview clips from the [...] Read More
We finally have confirmation of the name of K108 which airs this Saturday, June 2nd, as has been rumoured it is indeed “When Extremes Meet” we still do not have an episode description, but as usual Nick have released a clip from the episode, here is the clip not region locked, so everyone can see. [...] Read More
Avatar Online Podcast Episode 6 – 26th May 2012   Morgan (Airspeed Prime) and Callum (Badgermole1) continue on as Rich is busy battling Lightning and Exploding Tv’s. We discuss the latest news, Including Korra Nation Phase 2, The Promise news and upcoming episode titles. We then start a new series of discussion topics by discussing [...] Read More

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