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Avatar The Last Airbender is the first show in the Avatar universe. It started off the universe. In fact most dates in the Avatar universe are based around an event in this show, the arrival of Sozins Comet for the first time in the year Aang ran away and was trapped in ice.

The series follows the Epic journey of the 12 year old Avatar, Aang, an Airbender as he tries to save the world from the 100 year long war started by the Fire Nation. The catch is that Aang is technically 112 years old and he actually ran away when he found out he was the Avatar, because everything changed for him because he was different, when he ran away he was caught in a storm and before he drown the defence mechanism Avatar state activated sealing him and his Sky Bison in Ice to protect them. So the world had no Avatar for 100 years and in this time Fire Lord Sozin and his successors Azulon and then Ozai started and continued the war to gain control of the whole world.

But the world still has hope as Aang is still alive, and is discovered after 100 years by Katara and Sokka, siblings from the Southern Water Tribe, a place devastated in the past by the war. They soon discover he is the Avatar and that he is the only hope for the world now, but there is still someone else still hunting the Avatar, the banished Fire Nation Prince, Zuko. He was banished for talking out of turn in an important War Meeting, His father, Fire Lord Ozai took this as disrespect to him and so challenged his son to a Firebending Duel, Agni Kai, Zuko refused to fight and so his father burned his face, scarring him permanently. His only hope for his father to restore his honour is for him to find an return the Avatar to him.

So the story is an epic journey of a group of friends travelling across the world helping Aang to learn the other 3 elements and then end the war, all the while being tracked by Zuko all the way. From here more characters are introduced including Aang’s Earthbending teacher, Toph, a young blind earthbender who is one of the best in the world, Azula, Zuko’s sister who he does not get on well with at all who tries to put him down wherever she can. The series is full of fantastic plot and story, action, romance, drama and much more.


Avatar The Last Airbender first Aired on February 21st 2005 and the last episode Aired July 19th 2008.

The show is 61 episodes long, Book 1 is 20 episodes, Book 2 is 20 episodes and Book 3 is 21 episodes. Then to add to this The Promise Comics which continues on the story. The Lost Adventures book which tells various small stories throughout the series.

You can buy Dvd Boxsets of all 3 seasons on Amazon, the episodes are available on Itunes in some regions and Nick.com has many of the episodes available in full. If you are a Korra fan who has not seen the original show, I and pretty much every Avatar fan would highly recommend it as it adds so much world building to Korra.

The original show may not be the focus of this site, but the Main site http://avatarthelastairbenderonline.com/ covers all of the latest news on it and you can discuss anything about it on the forums there.


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