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The Legend Of Korra is the second show in the Avatar Universe. It takes place 70 years after the end of the first show Avatar The Last Airbender and follows the journey of the Avatar after Aang, Korra a 17 year old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. The world has advanced a long way since ATLA, and to help bring balance to the World Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko founded a new nation, United Republic a place where people of all 4 nations can live together in peace and harmony, it is highly advanced with Cars, motorbikes, radios, skyscrapers and now Bending even has it’s own sport, Pro bending.

When Aang died problems began to grow within United Republic and it’s capital, Republic City. Bending gangs began to form, a divide between the rich and the poor widened and an anti-bender rebellion is growing in the city because benders hold most of the higher positions in the city and the cities police force, Metalbenders are very controlling.

Korra has been training as the Avatar since she was 4 years old and by 17 has mastered: Water, Earth and Fire. She is going to start her Airbending training under Aang’s youngest son (and only Airbender child) Tenzin. Korra is extremely talented at the physical side of Airbending, but her spiritual side, so crucial to Airbending and being the Avatar is sorely lacking. She is Tough, headstrong, rebellious and even a bit overconfident, but is eager to prove herself to be a good Avatar. So when Tenzin reveals that he cannot come to the Southern Water Tribe to teach her, she makes her own way to United Republic to learn from him there. It is here she discovers the various problems in the city and realises that she is needed here. Her adventures to Learn Airbending and helping to solve the issues in  Republic City most notably the Anti-Bending movement lead by Amon and his Equalists who are set on ridding the world of benders.

Release Information

Korra was announced around July 2010 and Will premiere on Nick in America on April 14th with Episode 1 and 2 at 11am EST.

Main Characters 

Korra (Voiced by Janey Varney)

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Korra is the Avatar after Aang, she is 17. She is rebellious, tough and Headstrong. She is a powerful Physical bender, but her spiritual side is lacking. She has already mastered Water, Earth and Fire and only needs to learn Air from Aang’s son Tenzin. She comes to Republic City and sees that she is needed to solve the may issues plaguing the City. She soon discovers Pro Bending and joins Mako and Bolin on The Fire Ferrets, pro bending team.

Tenzin (Voiced by J.K Simmons)

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Tenzin is Aang’s youngest son and the only Airbender he and Katara had. He is on the Republic City council as the Air representative. He is married to Pema who is a non bender an and they have 3 kids: Jinora (The eldest daughter), Ikki (The younger daughter) and Meelo (only boy and youngest of the three). All 3 are Airbenders and Pema is pregnant with another Airbender. He is a master Airbender and a very spiritual man, he is quite patient though he also has a short temper and sometimes cannot handle his active kids. Since his fathers death Tenzin has spent much of his time trying to help make his fathers dream for the city a reality, once Korra arrives he realises that the city needs it’s Avatar and begins the challenge of teaching a not very spiritual Korra, Airbending.

Mako (Voiced by David Faustino)

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Mako is Bolin’s older brother, the two grew up on the streets of Republic City, Toza a former pro bender discovered them and gave them a place to stay in the attic above his gym. Mako is the Captain of the Fire Ferrets, he is extremely serious about the team doing well.  He is much more serious than his brother Bolin and is quite controlling and indifferent, though he is very loyal to his brother. He is a great Firebender utilising his “Cool Under Fire” dodging style in the arena. When he meets Korra, his controlled life gets very chaotic.

Bolin (Voiced by P.J Byrne)

Bolin Official 2


Bolin is Mako’s younger brother, his is very much the opposite of his brother, he always has a smile on his face and is up for a laugh. He is much more outgoing than Mako though he can get quite awkward especially with some girls. He also has a pet Fire Ferret, Pabu. It was Bolin who first met Korra and the two instantly became friends. Has many Fan Girls from his Pro Bending. He is a great Earthbender and along with Mako the two have become known as “The Fabulous Bending Brothers” for their combo plays.

Lin Bei Fong (Voiced By Mindy Sterling)

Lin Official


She is the Chief of the Metalbender police in Republic city and the Daughter of Toph. She is very uncompromising and hates it when people make trouble in “her city” , She believes the only way to keep the peace is through the might of her Metalbenders. When Korra comes to United Republic and makes trouble, Lin does not show any respect to Korra’s title as the Avatar. She is a master Earth and Metalbender.

Amon (Voiced By Steve Blum)



Amon is the masked leader of the Equalists and the growing Anti-Bending movement in the city. His equalists are all Chi Blockers who can hold their own against benders, he is a very skilled fighter too who uses speed and stealth. His main goal is to rid the city of benders to create equality. He has a plan in place for when the Avatar arrives in the city.

You can read more character bios here

List of Episodes

Book 1: Air

K101 – Welcome To Republic City (14th April)
K102 – A Leaf In The Wind (14th April)
K103 – The Revelation (21st April)
K104 – The Voice In The Night (28th April)
K105 – The Spirit of Competition
K106 -
K107 -
K108 -
K109 -
K110 -
K111 -
K112  -

Book 2:

K201 -
K202 -
K203 -
K204 -
K205 -
K206 -
K207 -
K208 -
K209 -
K210 -
K211 -
K212 -
K213 -
K214 -

26 Episodes confirmed, Book 1 is 12 episodes and Book 2 is 14. There is a possibility for more. Dates are the first Airdate


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