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Here you will find a list of all of the Avatar The Legend Of Korra Episodes that are currently available to watch:

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The Legend of Korra Episode 1 - Welcome To Republic City

In The Legend of Korra Episode 1 – Welcome To Republic City Korra is turned down by Tenzin in her attempt to learn Airbending From Him in Republic city, she eventually runs to Republic City to Find him and is eventually granted the ability to begin her training.



The Legend Of Korra Episode 2 - A Leaf In The Wind

In The Legend Of Korra Episode 2 – A Leaf In The Wind Korra begins her Airbending training under Tenzin, she
is struggling with the spirituality and soon runs off to Republic City to check out the Pro Bending Arena, there she meets Mako and Bolin, 2 members of The Fire Ferrets Team and is thrust into the world of Pro Bending. Will this new style of bending help her with her Airbending.


The Legend Of Korra Episode 3 - The Revelation

K103 Screenshot

In “The Revelation” Bolin gets himself caught in the middle of a bending gang turf war and is captured by The Equalists as they prepare to show their followers The Revelation. Mako and Korra go in search of him and are forced to go undercover at the gathering, here they discover why The Equalists are such a threat to all benders.


The Legend Of Korra Episode 4 – The Voice In The Night

K104 Screenshot

In “The Voice In The Night” Korra is plagued by Nightmares about Amon and his power to take peoples bending away, she is struggling with her fear and is not talking about it to anyone. Councilman Tarrlok is forming a task force against Amon and wants Korra on his team, shockingly she refuses much to everyone’s confusion, what will Tarrlok do to get Korra on his force and how will Korra deal with her fear.



The Legend Of Korra Episode 5 – The Spirit Of Competition


In “The Spirit Of Competition” Korra and Bolin decide to act on their romantic interests, Korra likes Mako and Bolin likes Korra. The problem is that the team is in the middle of the Big Pro Bending Championship tournament. Will the Romantic entanglements ruin The Fire Ferrets Chances in the arena ?



The Legend Of Korra Episode 6 – And The Winner Is…


In “And The Winner Is…” The Pro Bending final is here, The Fire Ferrets Vs The Wolf Bats. The Ferrets are over their romantic rivalries, but the Wolf Bats are cheating and the referee is doing nothing. With the threat of Amon looming over the arena what will happen ?

The Legend Of Korra Episode 7 – The Aftermath


In “The Aftermath” after the closure of The Pro Bending Arena Mako and Bolin go to live with Asami in her fathers mansion. While visiting Korra overhears Hiroshi in a suspicious conversation on the phone and suspects he may be working with the Equalists. How will this suspicion affect her friendship with Mako, how will Asami take this betrayal from her father.

The Legend Of Korra Episode 8 – When Extremes Meet

K108 Screenshot

In “When Extremes Meet” Tarrlok has gained even more power in the city now that he has the support of the new Chief, Saikhan, but when Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin form the new Team Avatar they get in the way. How will everyone deal with Tarrlok now that he has more power ?

The Legend Of Korra Episode 9 – Out Of The Past

K109 Pic

In “Out Of The Past” the captured Korra begins to meditate on her visions, she manages to connect with Aang and clearly see her visions, but what do they mean. Meanwhile Tenzin, Lin and Korra’s friends go to search for her and stumble upon a prison where the equalists are keeping other hostages.

The Legend Of Korra Episode 10 – Turning The Tides

K110 PIC

In “Turning The Tides” Amon, Hiroshi and the Equalists attack the city with Airships, they take out all of the council members but Tenzin. How will the city deal with this massive attack and what will Tenzin do when the attack turns to Air Temple Island.


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