Callum was sick during the week so only O.G Sokka could send in his review. Here it is O.G. Sokka K106 And the winner is… So time once again for my two cents on the latest installment of Avatar The Legend of Korra. So let’s dive right in here. In this episode we finally get [...] Read More
Callum So first off I must say that this episode is really based around two things. Shipping and Pro-Bending! So the relationship troubles in this episode seem like they are going to become a big problem, which it does in this episode. The problems mainly start with Korra being her headstrong self. She seems to [...] Read More
Callum and O.G Sokka return to review episode 4 Callum So this episode was very interesting. This episode follows how Korra is scared of Amon. And because she is scared refuses to join a new character Tarrlok’s task force to stop Amon. This episode is a great episode because it shows that Korra isn’t as [...] Read More
Callum and O.G.Sokka will be the regular episode reviewers on this site. Here is a link to My own review of the episode Callum So this episode is another masterpiece of amazing animation and detail. I am just blown away with how much effort they put into making these episodes so amazing visually. It [...] Read More
Airspeed Prime here, to tell you about the way we will be doing episode Reviews here on the site. Since I will be reviewing every Episode over on It would be weird to just double post it here too, so instead I will be getting guest reviewers for episodes. For every new episode I [...] Read More

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