Turning The Tides Mako watches over Korra as she sleeps, she is exhausted after her traumatic experience, he holds her hand as Asami watches on from the doorway. At the same time Tenzin returns home and checks in on Pema and the 3 kids who have waited up for him, they are all glad that [...] Read More
Out Of The Past Tarrlok has brought Korra to a cabin in the snowy mountains outside United Republic, he bloodbends her into a metal box and then drives back to the city. Meelo sleeping in his parents bed is awoken by the phone ringing, he answers it before Tenzin takes over. Tenzin is informed that [...] Read More
When Extremes Meet Mako, Bolin and Asami arrive to stay on Air Temple Island, the Air Acolytes unload Asami’s massive amounts of belongings she brought with her, they are greeted by Korra, Meelo, Ikki and Jinora. Meelo instantly develops a crush on Asami as they are all split up to go the the boys and [...] Read More
The Aftermath Tarrlok gives a speech to the media about how it is Chief Lin Bei Fong’s fault for the failure to stop Amon’s attack on the Pro Bending arena, he demands that the police get new leadership. Korra arrives at the wrecked Pro Bending arena to give Mako and Bolin, who have to move [...] Read More
And The Winner Is… The Fire Ferrets are doing some training ahead of their match against The Wolf Bats in the Pro Bending Championship finals. They are working as a team again. Amon then interrupts over the radio, he demands that the Republic City Council to shut down the Bending arena and cancel the final. [...] Read More
The Spirit Of Competition  The Fire Ferrets are doing some pro bending, they are really getting into it and they all knock each other over and are really functioning well as a team. Korra reveals she has left the Task force for the time being, they then have a team huddle and as the team [...] Read More
The Voice In The Night Korra has a nightmare in which she is attacked on Air Temple Island be Equalists, she is chi blocked and held helpless before Amon. Amon is about to take her bending away when she wakes up, she is comforted by Naga, but is struggling to deal with her fear of [...] Read More
The Revelation Korra, Mako and Bolin train in Toza’s gym, they need to get Korra fully up to speed before the Championship. It is then that Butakha arrives to give the team their winnings from the last match, Mako is delighted with the stack of Yuans he just got until Butakha starts to deduct their [...] Read More
  A Leaf In The Wind Korra reads the Pro Bending section of the newspaper and is excited about now being so close to the arena, she hopes to go and see some matches soon, but Tenzin is against it as he believes that it is a mockery of the tradition of bending and that [...] Read More
This is the first of the episode synopses I will be writing up for Korra. I will try to make them as detailed as possible while making them easy to read. Welcome To Republic City 3 members of The Order Of The White Lotus walk through a blizzard to get to The Southern Water tribe [...] Read More

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