Episode Review: K101 Welcome To Republic City and K102 A Leaf In The Wind

Airspeed Prime here, to tell you about the way we will be doing episode Reviews here on the site. Since I will be reviewing every Episode over on Avatarthelastairbenderonline.com It would be weird to just double post it here too, so instead I will be getting guest reviewers for episodes. For every new episode I will get 2 people to review the episode.

Korra Title final

So here is my review of Episode 1 and 2 http://avatarthelastairbenderonline.com/k101-republic-city-k102-leaf/

And for the Premiere we have Callum and O.G Sokka as reviewers, both are ATLAOnline moderators.


So the first thing I have to say about these two episodes is that the animation is so amazing. It totally blew me away! I think the animation is such a step up from ATLA. And I think the creators have worked really hard to make these episodes presentable. Just by the animation and dialogue you can tell they wanted to make an impression. Another thing that is so great about these episodes is that they are great introductions to the characters.

If you have watched ATLA you will now the basic story of the Avatar and the Elements,and Nations. But if you have never seen ATLA you may be a bit confused as to what is going on. I think this is one of the (minor) things that these episodes does badly is that they don’t explain what the Avatar is or what the four elements and nations really are. Which as I said is minor but I think it would have been more helpful for new viewers to have that explained. But on the bright side it may make them want to watch the original series!:)

Back to the good though, these episodes open so many doors, leave you with so many questions. And just leaves you begging for more. Which for me is the sign of a good show. And the characters have so much room for development and growth. Which I am really excited to see.

I really do have high expectations for this show. But the thing is, I’m not worried it won’t meet them.

O.G Sokka

 Hi Folks i’m OG Sokka and first off welcome to the site. Just know we appreciate your support and hope you bookmark this site to get all the freshest up to the minute ATLOK news and related media.
With that said I don’t work here, just fan like you guys and your Admin Morgan asked me to give my 2 cents on the premiere.
So here we go!!!!!!
EP101 Welcome to Republic City

Wow how amazing to see Avatar back, my favorite show is finally back and in full Epic swing, The Art is like nothing I’ve seen in any ….Digital/Drawn/Anime show. The whole art aspect is bound for an award guaranteed.

Baby Korra Rulez .”I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!” is just awesome you know from the get-go you don’t mess with Korra “or  Thall Shall Be Pwnd!

The whole episode is just really an intro into how times have changed and is an Avatar even really needed anymore? The Tech is 70 years past and it seems some benders use their power for material gain.

Korra is linked to Tenzin, Aang’s youngest an only airbending son in that Only him can teach her this ancient martial art to become her destiny. A fully realized Avatar.

great Intro to the new show over all I just will say after all thats said and done between the ATLA finale and this new series it looks like the decision to put anything Avatar related needs to be put in Brykes hands was the only smart move and the result is not a dissapoint





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