Episode Review: K103 The Revelation

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So this episode is another masterpiece of amazing animation and detail. I am just blown away with how much effort they put into making these episodes so amazing visually. It is so enjoyable to sit down once a week and watch this amazing storytelling and great animation just fit together so well to create the perfect show. They pay so much attention to detail in both the animation and the storytelling.

So with this episode it jumps right in with Amon’s evil plans. There is no build up to his arrival or debut, it is just right of the get-go he is ready to take on Republic City. And this episode also introduces the main story arc for the rest of the season. So with this episode it gives the base for the rest of the season. But it creates this base as well as leaving people wanting more (as always).

I feel episodes one and two gave the introduction to our new Team Avatar. This episode not only gives us an introduction to our new enemy, but does it in such an amazing way that it gives us his plans and the story arc all in about ten minutes. And we still have no idea what is going on.

In conclusion this episode has great animation and dialogue as usual. But also gives us our main plot for the season. And it seems that the episodes are just getting better as they go along. So I have really high hopes for this season!


Well Hello again Avatar world, I just watched The legend of Korra episode 3 and here’s my little review…

WOW! so Intense am I right? we go straight from the Intro episode to a full out  ” It’s on like Donkey Kong” episode.

The start we see the bending bros just training with Korra, Then Bootaka letting the trio know that they need 30 thousand Yuans just to get into the bending tourney. Apparently as usual Bolin has an idea that is silly and Mako has to take control and come up with the cash.

We then see a humorous scene where Bolin and Pabu try to put on a wee Circus act in the town square under an Epic statue of Firelord Zuko to try to do there part in helping raising the cash. Bolin is easily duped by Shaddy Shin, a gangsta from their past who is in need of some muscle in the upcoming turf war. Shaddy throws a few gwaps in Bolin’s can and Bolin blindly follows him.

…So now Bolin has been been deceived (big surprise) and Mako and needs to enlists Korras help to find him. This leads to an amazingly drawn fight scene between 2 Equalist henchmen and Mako and our beloved Avatar. where the just get whooped by these henchmen in the best animated fight I have seen in recent memory.

Now Makkora do some Columbo detective work and easily find out where Bolin is an go all undercover brother and get into an equalist rally.

Thats when Amon leader of the anti bending CULT gives a seemingly bogus speech about how he has been chosen by the spirits to make all the people equal by eliminatiing bending from the world. he does this in drastic fashion by easily handling a Triad leader and stripping his bending away. Ohhhh it’s getting scary! ;)    luckily Makorra has a plan and rescues Bolin whom I think may have well just pooped his pants in the face of Amon . (<—psst Amon is A Bad A**  dude btw)

Anyhow they escaped and are getting handled once again by the equalists, Korra whom apparently was in the bathroom again LOL, Surprises the LT by throwing some serious Earth his way and the Trio run off as Amon sneers and lets them leave.

Cut to Korra and Tenzin and Tenzins reaction to a possible energybender? Holy Moly Guacamole .. Super Intense



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