Episode Review: K104 The Voice In The Night

Callum and O.G Sokka return to review episode 4



So this episode was very interesting. This episode follows how Korra is scared of Amon. And because she is scared refuses to join a new character Tarrlok’s task force to stop Amon. This episode is a great episode because it shows that Korra isn’t as fearless as we all thought. And it”s not that she is a coward, it just shows that Korra didn’t expect Amon to be as strong or as much of a threat as she thought. And with this episode it makes you wonder, how Korra is going to deal with this fear and eventually overcome this fear. This episode as with all the others leaves you wanting more.

This episode introduces three new characters. It introduces Asami Sato, who is a very interesting character. It also introduces Hiroshi Sato, who is IMO a great character from what I have seen. And finally in introduces Tarrlok, who is a great character as well. I do think he will add to the conflict quite a lot.

In conclusion this episode is the fourth amazing Korra episode in a row. I don’t think we are going to run into a bad one though!

O.G. Sokka

So guys K104 “A Voice In The Night” my little review…

This is a great episode almost like a part 2 to Episode 3 “The Revelation”. This Episode for me is all about fear. Korra’s nightmares

about Amon show that she even believes that “No bender is safe!”

We finally see Tarlock here whom seems to be a very sketchy character.

He puts together a task force to stop Amon and wants Korra to help. She declines his offer, then he proceeds to lavish her with bribes and finally throws a galla of sorts in her honor in an attempt to manipulate her into joining the “Squad”. As Tarlok succeeds in this ploy our young avatar heads up a team of benders into a terrorist training facility of equalists where they make quick work of the new recruits and Tarlok and Korra share the admiration of the press. With her new found confidence Korra challanges Amon to a one on one duel.

Amon clearly the strategist blindsides Korra and with some henchmen dispatch of her quite quickly. We then see Amon spare Korra her bending power because he has bigger plans for the Avatar.

While all this is going on we get a whole new ship to sail! Maksami is born, as a beautiful Asmai Sato, daugher of Hiroshi Sato the designer behind the Satomobile flattens Mako with her scooter. Then wines and dines him at a fancy schamcey restaurant and then gets her daddy to sponsor the Fire Ferrets in the finals…… drama will ensue.

My favourite part is when Korra has been K.O.ed by Amon she has an epic flashback of sorts where we see an older Toph, Sokka, and Aang. And can I just say… Bearded Aang Rulez!!

And so do you guys! See ya next week.

Your friendly neighborhood O.G.  :)


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