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So first off I must say that this episode is really based around two things. Shipping and Pro-Bending! So the relationship troubles in this episode seem like they are going to become a big problem, which it does in this episode. The problems mainly start with Korra being her headstrong self. She seems to really like Mako. But let ten minutes go by and she also likes Bolin. So that is where the shipping parts come from. But the Pro-Bending parts come from the Pro-Bending Tournament. This episode deals with the first three matches of the tournament.

This episode is a very interesting episode. Honestly it wasn’t the best episode out of the five. Because going from the big plot points of Amon and his plans, back to where we started. So I am not saying it is not a bad episode or it is going to be disappointing or bad. It is just not one of the best. So we still have the track record of no bad episodes, and I am hoping that episode six will be back to the plot. So if you haven’t seen this episode, I do recommend it!


Ok folks O.G. Sokka here again with my little review on K105 The spirit of competition.

Alright this episode is quite clever because it is essentially a “Shipping” episode but used Pro Bending as a way to still reel in the part of the fandom that isn’t normally into these sort of plot lines. but if you are a big fan of the ships then this episode truly delivers!

With that being said this is one of ” if not the funniest ” episode to date. The underlining Adult humor is done in a great way and I can’t wait to see more of it.

The main story in this episode is The Fire Ferrets overcoming outside distractions and having to pulltogether in order to make it further in the championship tournament. And we also get to meet another interesting and nefarious character in Tahno, the waterbending team captain of the defending champion’s, The White Falls Wolfbats 3 years running.

All said and done I give this episode an 8/10.

Thanks again for reading and we’ll see ya next week.

Your friendly neighborhood O.G.


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