Episode Review: K106 And The Winner Is…


Callum was sick during the week so only O.G Sokka could send in his review.

Here it is

O.G. Sokka

K106 And the winner is…
So time once again for my two cents on the latest installment of Avatar The
Legend of Korra. So let’s dive right in here. In this episode we finally get the to see
the conclusion to the Pro Bending tournament and it sure did end with a “BANG”
We also get to see more of the seemingly sketchy antics of Mr. shady himself Tarrlok. But the real meat and potatoes of this episode is the fantastic character development of the bamf that is Lin Bei Fong. Watching Lin’s interactions and history
with Tenzin was fun to watch and seeing her and Korra team up to fight off the
equalists threat was simply mind blowing! The fight scene between “The Lieutenant”
and his two henchmen vs Korra and Lin was the best fight scene we have seen so
far imo.
Another major point I’d like to briefly talk on is the flashbacks. Korra has another flashback of Bamf Aang in what appears to be a courtroom scene, and Toph surrounded by her metalbending police force, and then again Aang in the streets of Rebublic city going into the avatar state. I don’t want to speculate to much here as I’ll let the story tell it’s own tale but these flashbacks are interesting for sure.
All in all a tremendous episode and a solid first half to season 1
Well guys thanks again for reading and until next week, this is your friendly
neighborhood O.G. saying have a great day and remember Y.O.L.O.

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