K101 Welcome To Republic City Episode Synopsis

This is the first of the episode synopses I will be writing up for Korra. I will try to make them as detailed as possible while making them easy to read.

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Welcome To Republic City

3 members of The Order Of The White Lotus walk through a blizzard to get to The Southern Water tribe village, they have received a report that a child here may be the new Avatar. They arrive and are welcomed into the family’s house by Tonraq and Senna, the parents of Korra, the 3 question why they seem so confident that their daughter is the Avatar, Senna calls Korra in. The 4 year old girl breaks a wall down with Earthbending and enters the room shouting “I’m the Avatar and you gotta deal with it” and proceeds to display her Fire, Earth and Waterbending skills, the 3 OWL members realise that the young girl is in fact the new Avatar”

13 Years Later

The now 17 Year old Korra has mastered Water and Earth and is doing her final Firebending test, fighting against multiple firebenders in a training match. She is powerful and ferocious as she easily beats them all, passing her exam. The OWL members tell her that although she is an amazing physical bender, she is not spiritual at all and that side is just as crucial, they decide to leave the final decision as to if Korra can advance on to Airbending up to Katara. Katara wants Korra to start Airbending training with her son Tenzin as he is very spiritual and can help on both fronts. Korra walks off excited to be moving on to a new element, she goes to tell her best friend, Naga, her Polar Bear Dog. She then gets on Naga and asks the White Lotus Sentries if she can bring Naga out for a run about, they reluctantly agree and Korra and Naga set off around the South Pole, they both love the freedom of being outside the Training facility.

A few days later Tenzin and his family arrive aboard his Sky Bison, Oogi. He greets his mother and Korra as his kids and Wife get off Oogi. Pema is pregnant and Katara tells her that she senses it is another Airbender, Pema is not happy at the prospect of having another child blowing air all over the place. Tenzin has only come to tell Korra that he cannot move to the South Pole to teach her as Republic City has many issues and he is needed to help. Korra is extremely disappointed and wonders how she will learn Airbending now, she offers to go to Republic City but the OWL members refuse this. Tenzin soon has to leave, Korra watches on as Tenzin flies away it is now she decides that she cannot wait however long it will take to solve the issues in United Republic, she needs to go to the city and learn Airbending now and possibly help solve the issues. She prepares her stuff and Naga to leave when Katara appears. She knows exactly what Korra is planning and agrees that she has to go and become the Avatar, it is time for the new generation to keep peace and balance in the world, they hug as Korra is delighted that Katara agrees. She goes to say goodbye to her parents, and her parents also know that she needs to find her own path. Korra rides Naga and finds her way onto a cargo ship heading for United Republic.

After a long ship journey, they arrive in Republic City. Korra rides Naga off the ship and gets her first look at the Super Modern City, she is in awe of the new city especially the giant Statue of Aang off the coast. She quickly discovers that the city is a lot different to the South Pole, she does not know the rules of the city and is nearly run over by the Satomobiles on the roads. The 2 then go in search of food and find out that in this city you need money to buy food, so they go to find somewhere they can get some food themselves. This brings them to the Park and the Lake there, they start to catch some fish and Korra uses Firebending to cook them as a Homeless man appears out of a nearby bush, through him Korra learns that many people in the city are like him, poor and homeless, she gives him a fish as a Guard in the park chases them off for fishing in the park.

They soon escape and then come across a man speaking to a crowd about a group called “The Equalists” , who tells of how the Bending elite in the city are oppressing the Non benders, effectively an Anti-Bender revolution. Korra tries to stand up for benders, but is clearly out of her depth discussing this situation and runs off after an embarrassing attempt to defend benders.

She then decides to ask someone for directions to Air Temple Island, a woman tells her as a fancy Satomobile appears and everyone flees the area. The woman tells Korra to get out of the area and goes to hide, Korra stays to see what happens and sees three men get out of the Satomobile and approach the owner of a phonograph shop, they demand the money he owes for their protection, but the man does not have it. They are about to smash up the shop when Korra steps in, ready to challenge the men, they do not see her as a threat and go to attack her. She easily beats the three benders, but has wrecked some shops in the process. Some metalbender police officers arrive and arrest the 3 men and also go to arrest Korra, who is shocked since she saved the man, she then starts to run away. She rides Naga through the city as the Metalbenders pursue using their Metal wires to keep up, Korra is about to jump to freedom as a Metalbender Airship appears overhead and catches her and Naga in mid air and bring them to headquarters.

Korra is put in the interrogation room with the Chief, Lin Bei Fong, she is furious at Korra for wrecking her city, Korra says she is the Avatar, but Lin does not care. She only sees that Korra wrecked some shops, soon Tenzin arrives and manages to get Korra out of trouble by saying he will deal with the damages. Lin reluctantly agrees and demands he send Korra home. Tenzin is mad at Korra for coming to the city without permission, but Korra reveals that she has seen all the problems in the city and knows that it needs her as the Avatar, Tenzin does not know how to respond to this.

Tenzin escorts Korra down to the port and is about to see her off when his kids arrive, they want Korra to stay, but she says she cannot, it is then Tenzin speaks up. What Korra said before was true, he tried to take on his fathers role in the city after he died, but the city truly needs it’s Avatar now. He allows Korra to stay with his family and train her in Airbending.

The Next day Korra is presented to the city with all the media present, she gives a speech and says about how she want to help the city become just like Aang’s dream for the city. Amon and The Lieutenant are listening to this on the radio, they are going to accelerate their plan now that the Avatar is in the city, The Equalists have something planned.


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