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A Leaf In The Wind

Korra reads the Pro Bending section of the newspaper and is excited about now being so close to the arena, she hopes to go and see some matches soon, but Tenzin is against it as he believes that it is a mockery of the tradition of bending and that she also needs a calm environment to focus on Airbending.

Soon it is time for Korra to begin her training, as she and Tenzin make their way to the training area they discuss Korra’s lack of experience at it, despite her amazing prowess at the other 3 elements she has never once done any Airbending. Tenzin explains that this is because the philosophy of Airbending is most opposite of Korra’s personality, it requires calmness and patience while Korra is eager and a bit hotheaded. They are greeted at the training area by: Ikki, Jinora and Meelo. Her first training is for her to weave her way through many spinning gates, this will teach Korra the key to Airbending, to flow like a leaf in the wind, meeting resistance and changing direction quickly. Jinora demonstrates with ease and then it is Korra’s turn, she attempts to power her way through, but is spat back out by the spinning gates. Tenzin realises that teaching Korra is going to be quite the task.

Later a frustrated Korra attempts to Airbend, but to no avail, it is then she hears the radio. The guards are listening to the Pro Bending match, Korra climbs onto the roof of where they are to listen in without Tenzin knowing. She listens to a Team called the Fire Ferrets play and they are about to win when Tenzin plugs out the radio and knows Korra is listening in, he again tells Korra not to listen to Pro Bending and to go to bed.

The Next day, Korra’s training is to meditate, the 3 kids are completely relaxed (Meelo so much so that he is asleep), but Korra cannot be calm. Tenzin assures her that the teachings will eventually come to her and will soon “click”, Korra tries to meditate again, but after a few seconds decides to go and get a drink. That night she sneaks out and off Air Temple Island, she badly wants to see a pro bending match. She dives into the water and swims to Republic City, waterbending herself into a high window of the Pro Bending arena.

Not knowing where to go she has a look around in the nearest room, a gym, soon Toza walks in and thinks she has gotten in without paying, he is about to call the guards when Bolin appears and sees that a girl is in need of help. He tells Toza that she is with him and he manages to get him off her case, Korra and Bolin are instantly friends, he shows her the Arena and introduces her to his brother, Mako. He thinks Korra is just another of Bolin’s fangirls and is very dismissive of her, paying her little attention and demanding Bolin get ready for the match. Korra stays to watch the match as she finds out that Mako, Bolin and Hasook are members of The Fire Ferrets Pro bending team, the same team she listened to on the radio.

The Match between the Fire Ferrets and The Tigerdillos begins, The ferrets are knocked back early on and soon Hasook is eliminated. They lose round one on territory. Mako tells Hasook to concentrate, he is holding the team back. They are pushed back again but rally late in round two and manage to win round 2 on territory. Then it is on to the final round. Hasook dodges the opening attack, but stumbles right into Bolin, knocking them both over, they are both eliminated and it is left to Mako to keep the teams championship hopes alive. Mako is pushed back into Zone 3 and is struggling to dodge the barrage of attacks, as the Tigerdillos tire, Mako goes on the offensive, he unleashes a powerful stream of attacks and knocks all 3 of the opponents out of the arena, winning his team the match. The team returns to where Korra had watched the match with much excitement. Korra is impressed at the different style of bending employed in the arena and especially impressed with Mako’s solo comeback, again he ignores her, but Bolin is happy to give Korra some pointers about the new style, it is here the 2 brothers find out she is the Avatar leaving Bolin shocked and Mako feeling an idiot for his treatment of Korra. They go to the gym.

Bolin tells Korra that the key to Pro Bending is to be light on your feet not rooted like traditional Earthbending, as it allows to to dodge and quickly strike back. Korra quickly adjusts her style and Bolin realises she is a natural Pro Bender, Mako is mildly impressed. Korra then returns to Air Temple Island and back to Airbending training, she once again is beaten by the gates. She then gets extremely frustrated and viciously firebends, destroying the gates and angering Tenzin. She is annoyed that she is not getting Airbending at all and calls Tenzin a bad teacher before storming off.

Later at mealtime, Pema asks Tenzin where Korra is, he tells her what happened and asks what he should do. She tells him to give her some space. Korra has gone back to the Pro Bending arena to see The Fire Ferrets match, if they win they are in the Championship tournament. Mako and Bolin look dejected and she asks what is wrong, they reveal that Hasook has deserted them and that if they cannot find someone else they are disqualified. Korra realises that the only thing to they can do is for her to join the team as the Waterbender member, either use her or not even have a chance, Bolin has faith in her, but Mako reluctantly agrees.

The Match between The Fire Ferrets and The Platapus Bears begins, Korra immediately makes multiple mistakes which earns her penalties (which loses the first round for the team), she then Earthbends revealing to everyone including Tenzin who overhears this on the radio, that she is the Avatar. Tenzin storms over to the arena to speak with Korra. The referee decides that she can continue to compete as long as she only uses Waterbending. In round two, The opponents focus their attacks on her and she is eliminated and the Fire Ferrets also lose round 2. As Korra heads for the lift to get back for Round 3, Tenzin appears and demands to know what she is doing. He demands that she come back to the Island with him, but she is set on staying to finish the match, she says that maybe she does not even need to learn Airbending just the modern styles of fighting of Pro Bending. An angry Tenzin tells her that the Avatar MUST master all 4 elements and that the duty is not all about fighting, and that that is what she truly needs to learn. She walks off to join her team for round 3.

The Fire Ferrets are pushed back, Mako and Bolin stay together in by the ropes to maintain the territory in Zone 1, but Korra is pushed back all the way to Zone 3, Tenzin sees Korra struggling as he is about to walk out and again questions why she is so eager to learn this style. Korra teeters on the edge of Zone 3 and barely manages to dodge the attacks, but as she does this the Airbending training “clicks” and she realises what it was about, she constantly moves spinning away from every attack allowing nothing to hit her. Tenzin looks on in shock that it was in this “Mockery” of Bending that Korra understood what he was trying to teach her, and realises that this could be the way to teach her. The Platapus Bears tire themselves out trying to hit Korra from range (thanks to Mako and Bolin keeping them in their own Zone 1) and then The Fire Ferrets counter attack together and blitz the round eliminating all 3 of their opponents and winning not just the round and the Match, but also their place in the upcoming championship tournament. Mako tells Korra that she is a natural after her dodging, Korra realises that it is Tenzin she has to thank for that and that she does need to learn Airbending.

Back on Air Temple Island Korra and Tenzin both apologise to each other. Korra for taking her frustration out on Tenzin and Tenzin for losing his patience with her. He also admits that he saw the final round and Korra’s Airbending training in action, he is going to try and use Pro Bending as a teaching tool, Korra leaves now excited for Airbending training and reveals that she has joined The Fire Ferrets fully and that they will be playing in the Championship tournament coming up. A slightly annoyed Tenzin decides not to argue with this and just go along with it. Korra looks over at The Pro Bending Arena from Air Temple Island as Mako looks over at Air Temple Island from his and Bolin’s room in Toza’s attic above his gym.


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