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Korra, Mako and Bolin train in Toza’s gym, they need to get Korra fully up to speed before the Championship. It is then that Butakha arrives to give the team their winnings from the last match, Mako is delighted with the stack of Yuans he just got until Butakha starts to deduct their expenses: Korra’s new gear, gym rental, rent and Bolin’s loan for food. This leaves them with nothing, he then mentions that they will also need to have 30000 yuans to add to the championship prize pot or else they cannot compete. The brothers have no money and ask Korra is she has any money, being the Avatar, she mentions that she has never needed money as she was always looked after. Mako and Bolin takes this the wrong way and reveal that their lives have been tough since their parents died. They need an idea to get the money, Bolin suggests doing a show with his Fire Ferret, Pabu, but is shot down by Mako who demands he be serious and says he will come up with a plan, he always does. Bolin was being serious and is determined to do something useful to help the group, so he goes ahead with his idea of doing a show with Pabu.

On the streets of Republic City Bolin and Pabu are dressed as performers, Pabu performs his acrobatic feat and earns them 1 yuan. Bolin knows there is a long way to go, until a Car pulls up and Shady Shin, a member of the Triple Threat Triads, steps out. He knows Bolin and asks if Bolin is interested in doing some security work for the gang (in fact the gang is muscling up for a turf war), Bolin is about to turn him down when Shin throws a pile of Yuans at Bolin who agrees seeing no other way to make the money. Meanwhile Mako has found some work at the power plant, he uses his firebending to generate lightning and create the electricity. He then returns to the attic where he and Bolin live, but Bolin is nowhere to be seen, he then thinks that Bolin must have gone to Air Temple Island to see Korra so he heads there.

Korra is doing (and succeeding) some Airbending training with Ikki and Jinora, the two spot Mako heading towards them and immediately realises that this must be the Firebender boy that Korra had mentioned. They tease her about liking him as he approaches, Korra eventually earthbends them away and greets Mako. He asks if she has seen Bolin, but she has not. Korra offers to help and Mako refuses until Korra insists saying they can go on Naga. They search the city for Bolin and eventually find themselves near Central City Station, Mako approaches a young boy called Skoochy asking about Bolin. Skoochy tells them about Bolin going off with Shin and the turf war after Mako gives him some money to “refresh his memory”. They both head straight for the Triple Threat’s headquarters.

They arrive to find the place empty, they go out the back and see many masked people on Motorbikes and a van, the van door swings open and the two see Bolin inside captured along with some other gang members. They chase them and are struggling to keep up, it is then one of the masked people throws Bolas at Naga sending Mako and Bolin flying, two of the men stop to challenge them. Mako and Korra are no match for the two who are Chi Blockers, they leave Mako and Korra on the ground unable to bend, they are only saved when Naga approaches scaring them off. Mako tells Korra that the two are Equalists, Amon’s followers. The two have lost track of where Bolin is and wander around the city searching for any clues, Korra remembers the Equalist protestor and they head for the park, it is late so they both fall asleep against a tree after Mako tells Korra the story of how his parents were killed by a firebender who mugged them when he was 8.

They wake up next to each other and are both embarrassed, but then they notice the protester is back and question him, he doesn’t say anything so they just take some of the flyers he was handing out. Mako examines them and realises they are a puzzle, linked together the different flyers give a map to the location of “The Revelation” where Amon will reveal something to his followers.

They arrive at the location in disguise and enter as a couple to draw less attention. They are both amazed by the amount of people who are against benders, then Amon, The Lieutenant and some Chi Blockers appear. Amon begins his speech, he first tells of why he hates benders. His parents were killed by a firebender extorting his father, this same firebender burned his face which is why he wears the mask. The he talks about how the Avatar is wrong about bending bringing balance and that the spirits had come to him and gifted him a power, because they think the Avatar has failed humanity. Amon reveals that “The Revelation” is that he has the power to take someone’s bending away permanently. He then proceeds to demonstrate this ability on Lightning Bolt Zolt, the leader of the Triple Threat Triads, he allows him to fight back but easily dodges his attacks before getting in close and Energybending (not fully confirmed) him, taking his bending away. Bolin is last in line to face Amon, Mako and Korra form a plan to free him, Korra will use the steam from the stream power supply to create cover while Mako gets Bolin back. Korra heads to the steam generator, but is confronted by the door man, she uses Mako’s scarf to beat the man and send him crashing into the generator, she then uses waterbending to create a steam cover which allows Mako to get Bolin out.

Amon slips away, but The Lieutenant chases the brothers, he uses his electrified Kali sticks to subdue them both. They cannot touch him and he easily beats them both until Korra arrives on the scene and smashes The Lieutenant with Earthbending which allows the 3 to escape. Amon holds his followers back as he wants to allow Korra to spread the word of his power.

Korra returns to Air Temple Island and tells Tenzin what happened. He is shocked upon hearing of Amon’s power, he seems to know more than he is telling Korra, but knows “No Bender Is Safe!”


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