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The Voice In The Night

Korra has a nightmare in which she is attacked on Air Temple Island be Equalists, she is chi blocked and held helpless before Amon. Amon is about to take her bending away when she wakes up, she is comforted by Naga, but is struggling to deal with her fear of the masked Amon.

In Republic City hall, the council is having a meeting about what to do about Amon and the threat he poses to the city. Tarrlok, the Northern Water Tribe representative proposes a bending task force led by himself to strike directly at Amon, Tenzin is against it as he knows it will only further divide benders and non benders. Tarrlok uses scare tactics to get the other 3 members to agree to his plan. He also mentions a previous threat to the city 42 years ago which Avatar Aang dealt with, Yakone.

Korra is doing some Airbending training at night while listening to the radio when Amon takes over the airwaves. His sudden take over further plays on Korra’s complete fear of him, he mentions that his support is growing every day and it is now time for the benders to live in fear.

As Mako leaves his job at the Power Plant to get aboard a trolley home, he is hit by a girl on her moped. The girl immediately rushes to see if he is ok, Mako is fine and bout to give out to the girl when he sees what she looks like, Mako is instantly attracted to the girl who introduces herself as Asami. She offers to buy him dinner at a fancy restaurant, Kuang’s cuisine as an apology for knocking him over, she knows that he is on The Fire Ferrets and is a big fan. Mako agrees and it is a date.

Later at Dinner in Tenzin’s house, Tarrlok makes a surprise interruption, he introduces himself to Korra and asks her to join his task force. Much to the surprise of everyone she refuses saying that she is focusing on her training. Tenzin tells Tarrlok to leave and as he leaves he says he is not giving up on getting her on his team.

Mako arrives at Kuang’s cuisine and is put into fancy clothes, but demands he keep his scarf on. The date begins and it is going well as the two like each other, Asami brings up how much she enjoys watching his team play and is looking forward to the big tournament, Mako tries to avoid the real reason they cannot compete, but Asami draws the truth about the lack of money for the tournament post out of him. It is then revealed that she is ┬áthe daughter of Hiroshi Sato, creator of the Satomobile and one of the richest men in the world. Mako is impressed and Asami asks if Mako wants to meet her father, he agrees.

Bolin arrives on Air Temple Island to thank Korra for saving him from Amon, he gives her a flower and a cake. Korra doesn’t think she did much, but Bolin reveals how scared he was when Amon was approaching him and how he still cannot sleep right, this story reminds Korra of her own fears, it is then that a page sent by Tarrlok arrives and presents Korra with a gift basket of goods, he is trying to buy her support. She refuses and Bolin revealing that he likes Korra asks who this Tarrlok guy is, he is happy to hear it is nothing romantic.

Mako arrives at Future Industries and is introduced to Hiroshi Sato, he tells Mako not to be ashamed of being poor as he himself started with very little, his story of how one loan started him on the road to success, fills Mako with hope. Asami then reveals that her father is going to sponsor the Fire Ferrets for the championship tournament (and pay the 30000 Yuans needed for the pot) as long as the team wears the Future Industries Logo. Mako is delighted.

Tenzin sees that Tarrlok has now sent Korra a brand new Sports car styled Satomobile. He then confronts Korra about her reasons for refusing Tarrlok, especially knowing her usual personality where she would have accepted. He knows she is afraid of what happened with Amon and attempts to broach that subject by saying that it is ok to be afraid and that talking about ones feelings is important as they can make you out of balance. Korra says she is Ok, but Tenzin knows otherwise and leaves saying he is always there if she needs to talk. Later the page returns and gives Korra an invitation to a Gala Tarrlok is throwing in her honour. Korra, Tenzin and his familiy arrive at the Gala wearing very fancy clothes, Korra is introduced to Hiroshi Sato who expects big things from her and then he introduces Asami to her. This is where Korra sees that Mako and Asami are dating, Korra is a bit jealous but is quickly brought off by Tarrlok. He brings her right infront of the media, Tenzin sees this and Knows immediately that was Tarrlok’s reason for throwing this party, to manipulate Korra with the media. Korra struggles to answer their questions and when one reporter asks why Korra is afraid, she snaps saying she is afraid of no one and agrees to join the task force.

Tarrlok then briefs the task force on their mission, to raid a Chi blocker training camp. They arrive and scout out the location, Korra’s fears come back when she sees a banner with Amon’s image on it. The raid begins and teh benders easily take out all the Equalists in training, Korra pursues some runners as 2 fully trained Equalists drop in, Korra and Tarrlok take them out and it is all over the papers the next day. It is revealed that Korra has missed a lot of Team practise with Mako and Bolin.

Korra then tries to blow through her fear by publicly challenging Amon to a one on one duel at midnight on Avatar Aang Memorial Island. This leaves everyone, including Tarrlok stunned.

Mako and Asami go on a date in the park, they are in a carriage. Asami asks why Mako did not take the new scarf she got him, he tells her that his scarf is the last thing he has left of his fathers and that it keeps him safe. Asami reveals that her mother died when she was young, the two get closer.

Tenzin arrives just before Korra is about to head to the Island, she won’t listen to Tarrlok or Tenzin when they try to talk her out of the duel. As she leaves Tarrlok tells Tenzin he has a fleet of police airships ready to strike if something happens.

Korra waits on the Island for Amon to arrive, she is extremely on edge and the bell signalling midnight scares her badly. She is about to leave thinking her his not shown up when Bolas are thrown at her and she is dragged before many Equalists and Amon, she is chi blocked and held helpless before Amon. He tells her that it is not yet time for them to duel, if he takes her bending now she will only become a Martyr for other benders to rally behind, he tells her  that he has a plan and that he is saving her for last. He knocks her out and she then has a confusing vision where she sees an Older Sokka, Toph and Aang as well as an unknown man.

Tenzin arrives and is delighted to see Korra is safe and still has he bending. She says she is ok, but then breaks down, crying and lets out all of her feelings and tells Tenzin that she is scared and that she does not know what to do. Tenzin comforts her and tells her that admitting her fears is the first step to overcoming them.


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