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The Spirit Of Competition 

The Fire Ferrets are doing some pro bending, they are really getting into it and they all knock each other over and are really functioning well as a team. Korra reveals she has left the Task force for the time being, they then have a team huddle and as the team mates look at each other it is shown that Bolin likes Korra, Korra likes Mako and Mako currently dating Asami does not know what to do. Asami then arrives with the teams new uniforms and she and Mako have a over the top cute couple’s moment and then leave to go on a date, leaving a jealous Korra cringing at the two. This leaves Bolin and Korra alone, Bolin then tries to awkwardly ask Korra out, but she is oblivious to his intentions.

That night, Mako and Bolin have a “Guy Talk”. Bolin asks his brother what he thinks about Korra as a Girlfriend for him, Mako first thinks about Korra as a girlfriend for himself, which annoys Bolin because Mako is already dating Asami. Mako thinks that Korra would be a better friend than girlfriend, but that at the moment none of them should date a team mate, but Bolin really likes Korra and decides he is going to ask her out.

On Air Temple Island, Jinora asks Korra for some gossip about her and Mako, Korra tries to say that there is nothing going on, but then asks Jinora and Ikki for advice on how to talk to Mako. Jinora tells Korra about stories that she read about dramatic sacrifice while Ikki tells Korra about some very cute romance with clouds and castles. Then Pema arrives having overheard Korra asking for advice, she reveals that before she and Tenzin were together, he was going out with another girl, she really liked him, but was shy, so she just decided to be honest with her feelings and told Tenzin how she felt and the rest was history. This romantic tale inspires all the girls, especially Korra who decides she is going to tell Mako how she feels.

The Pro Bending Championship begins with the top 16 teams participating. The first match is The Future Industries Fire Ferrets Vs The Red Sands Rabaroos. The Ferrets are performing amazingly well and working as a team, they win all 3 rounds easily. After the match Korra admits how much she likes Mako and he conflicted says he does not feel the same way. The Asami comes in and goes to Mako. Then Bolin decides to ask Korra out, she refuses at first as she feels bad after Mako’s rejection, but after Bolin reveals how much he likes her she agrees. Mako looks on concerned.

Bolin brings Korra out to Nasook’s for Water Tribe food, he has planned out the whole date. They are having a great time, but then Bolin spots Tahno, the waterbender captain of the Wolf Bats pro bending team the reigning champions 3 years running, he spots them and comes over. He insults The Fire Ferrets especially Korra, but seems to be oddly interested in her and asks if she would like some private bending lessons with him, she stands up and is ready to fight him until Bolin tells Korra that if she hits him they are out of the tournament, instead she calls Naga who sticks her head in the window and scares Tahno badly leaving him embarrassed. Bolin is further impressed with Korra and the rest of the date goes very well, except Bolin clearly thinks that they have a future together while Korra just saw it as a fun time with a friend.

As Korra arrives at the arena for the next match, Mako confronts her about her “date” with Bolin, Mako knows how he feels and how she feels about him and knows he will get hurt if it goes on. Korra realises that it is also because he likes her too and the two flare up at each other as they head into the next match.

The quarter final match is The Fire Ferrets Vs The Boar-Q-Pines, former champions and an extremely experienced team. Mako and Korra’s altercation before the match is affecting their form in the arena, they lose the first round because of this. Bolin is on a high after what he thought was a successful date and is playing amazingly well, he single handedly wins the Ferrets round 2. Round 2 is even and ends in a tie, the ferrets win the coin toss and Mako is about to choose Fire until Bolin steps up and makes the decision for the team as he knows Mako is not playing well, he chooses Earth. In the Tie Breaker Circle Bolin faces Chan, after an even opening, Bolin initiates a grapple, Chang reverses it and throws Bolin, but Bolin just uses this for an aerial attack and wins the round and the match for the Fire Ferrets.

Mako once again confronts Korra and admits that while she frustrated him sometimes that she is amazing, but he is confused as he likes Asami too. Korra then kisses Mako and he kisses back, Bolin who was about to give Korra some flowers sees this and bursts into tears and runs off with Pabu to drown his sorrows in food. Korra feels bad for what she did as Mako goes to find Bolin.

He finds Bolin in Nasook’s a complete mess crying into many bowls of noodles. Bolin calls his brother a traitor as Mako slings Bolin over his shoulder and carries him out, it does not look well for the team ahead of their Semi Final.

Korra arrives in the locker room to a very tense atmosphere.

The Semi Final is The Fire Ferrets Vs The Buzzard Wasps. Round 1 does not go well as Bolin takes a shot in the stomach and gets sick, they just barely escape getting knocked out. Round 2 goes even worse as Mako accidentally hits Bolin and he is eliminated, Korra gets mad and gets a penalty for roughing as they lose round 2 also. They need a round 3 knock out or they are out. Before round 3, the brothers are ready to give up, knowing they have no chance, Korra tries to bring the team together telling them that they must not  waste this opportunity. They don’t listen as round 3 begins. Mako and Bolin are knocked back straight away and Bolin injures his shoulder when a disk hits him vertically, Mako is eliminated and so is Bolin, leaving Korra alone to win the match.

Mako helps his injured brother out of the water and on their way up to the arena they make up and apologise to each other, they are brothers and nothing will get between them, they blame it on girls as they see Korra put on a sensational display of pro bending. She dodges everything and manipulates the Buzzard wasps into a line before eliminating all 3 with one giant water blast, an amazing hat trick. Mako and Bolin are impressed as they all make up and agree to all stay friends and leave sorting out their feelings until after the tournament.  Tahno and The Wolf Bats head to their own Semi Final and once again he calls the ferrets losers.Asami arrives and congratulates Korra on her Hat Trick, Korra thanks Asami for asking her father to sponsor the team as Bolin asks for some medical attention for his shoulder. Korra then reveals that she was thought Healing by Katara and heals him. As she heals him the announcer reveals that The Wolf Bats have won their match already after only a few seconds, they go to see what happened and see the Wolf bat’s opponents being brought out on stretchers, one of them has a hole in his helmet. The Fire Ferrets are worried ahead of the final against Tahno and The Wolf Bats.



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