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And The Winner Is…

The Fire Ferrets are doing some training ahead of their match against The Wolf Bats in the Pro Bending Championship finals. They are working as a team again. Amon then interrupts over the radio, he demands that the Republic City Council to shut down the Bending arena and cancel the final.

The Ferrets rush to City Hall to stop the council from cancelling the final, they arrive and find out that the whole council wants to close the arena, even Tarrlok wants it closed. Mako and Bolin make a plea to keep it open, but Tarrlok is about to end the conversation until Lin Bei Fong arrives and shockingly agrees with the Ferrets. She wants the benders to show their strength and unity against the equalists, Tarrlok changes his tone and wants to listen to Lin, he is planning to use her as the “Fall guy” if things go wrong. He plan is to use the Metalbender Police as security during the match, the coucil minus Tenzin agree to keep the arena open.

Tenzin asks Lin for a private conversation and tells her that Tarrlok is playing her, but she will not listen to Tenzin. He tells her he will be beside her at the match for Korra, Korra then arrives and thanks Lin, but Lin just leaves. Korra asks Tenzin why Lin is so gruff with everyone, he reveals that her issue is with him. Korra then puts the pieces together and realises the woman Tenzin was dating before Pema was Lin, Tenzin tells Korra that they were growing apart and that Pema did not “Steal” him. He then wonders why he is even telling Korra about his past and walks off as Korra is loving seeing Tenzin awkward.

Amon is overseeing his big Plan as workers put many crates into the back of trucks, The Lieutenant then informs Amon that the Council has decided not to bow to Amon’s threat and close the Arena, Amon knew this would happen and is ready to implement his plan.

Police Boats and Airships circle the arena as mass amounts of Metalbender Police officers sweep the arena for any suspicious items, Lin is overseeing all this as Tenzin arrives, he asks if they can just be nice to each other for tonight given everything that is happening, she agrees to be less abrasive.

The Final is about to begin, Bolin prepares Pabu for The Ferrets entrance show. The Ferrets make it to the arena and Asami blows Mako a kiss from the VIP booth, Mako blows her one back which makes Korra cringe. Pabu performs a nice routine and gets a good response from the crowd. Then The Wolf Bats make their own entrance in costume, dressed as Wolf Bats with Fireworks and much howling. Korra still mad at Tahno is ready to crush him.

Round 1 begins and The Wolf Bats take an early advantage but Bolin hits back with a clever shot off the ropes. Seeing that The Ferrets are actually a threat The Wolf Bats begin to cheat, first Tahno purposefully sprays water for more than the allowed 1 second duration, but does not get a hosing penalty. Ming then bends a disk outside of his zone, but still no penalty. Tahno then forms some ice and eliminates Bolin, yet again no penalty for Icing. The Wolf Bats then all together attack Mako and Korra sending them over the edge of the arena, it appears to be a knock out, but Korra is holding on to the edge of the arena and holding on to Mako, she swings back and forth and manages to throw Mako back into play, he manages to hold out until the end of the round and winks at Tahno which infuriates the Wolf Bat’s Captain. The Ferrets then realise that the referees have been payed off to not call any penalties and insure the Wolf Bats win.

Round 2 begins and now ready for the cheating the match is more equal. The Wolf Bats begin to resort to more and more dangerous forms of cheating such as Head Shots with Firebending, but the round ends in a tie. The Ferrets win the coin toss and Korra decides she is going to face Tahno in a battle of the Waterbenders. On the raised centre platform they face off, Tahno knows Korra is mad at him and is ready for an aggressive attack.Korra obliges but knows what Tahno has plannes and immediately after her opening attack she does a quick water uppercut which knocks Tahno’s helmet off and wins round 2 for The Fire Ferrets. The crowd erupts after such an impressive tie breaker win, even Lin Bei Fong is impressed with Korra;s toughness, Tenzin tells her that the two are very similar and would get along if she would give Korra a chance. Tahno is now furious and is intent on injuring the Ferrets.

Round 3 begins and is very even until Tahno and Ming do an extremely dangerous rule break, Ming crushes up a disk and then Tahno bends the sharp fragments at The Ferrets heads with Waterbending. He knocks out Mako, Bolin and Korra easily and wins The Championship for The Wolf Bats for the 4 year running. At this point members of the audience all around the arena pull masks up over their faces and pull metal gauntlets out of their Popcorn boxes, they put the gauntlets on and use them to electrocute the metalbender cops, Lin and Tenzin are also hit. The Fire Ferrets in the water look on in horror as cops drop to the ground, they then spot The Lieutenant by the water and he sticks his electric Kali Sticks in the water and knocks all 3 ferrets unconscious. Shiro Shinobi continues to commentate on events even as a man walks into the commentary booth with him and electrocutes him.

Amon and some Chi Blockers arrive in the Centre of the arena, The Confused Wolf Bats wonder what is going on. The Wolf Bats begin to fight Amon and his followers but are easily taken down, Amon then takes Tahno’s bending away and then tosses the 3 into the water.

The Lieutenant drags The Ferrets under the arena and ties them all up, Korra has another vision. She sees Aang, Toph and a man who may be Yakone. She then sees Aang in the Avatar State coming after Yakone.

Amon then begins his speech. He tells the audience of how they all cheer for The Wolf Bats yet they are cheats and how benders oppress Non benders in a similar way, with benders caring little for non benders. His plan is to first equalise the city and then the entire world and he will do this because new Technology allows non benders to fight evenly with benders. The Equalists now have enough numbers to take the city. As Amon speaks Pabu arrives to help Mako, Bolin and Korra, he begins to chew through the rope. Amon finishes his speech as platforms drop from an Equalist Airship, Amon and his followers get on and are escaping. Tenzin and Lin regain consciousness as explosions rock the arena, it is being destroyed. Pabu chews through the rope and Korra immediately goes after Amon, she creates a swirling water pillar to propel herself towards the ascending Amon, but she does not have to power to reach him and falls, Lin then swoops in swinging by her Metal cables and catches Korra, she uses her momentum to throw Korra up through the hole in the roof and after Amon.

Korra firebends The Lieutenant off a platform and is heading towards Amon’s Airship, but he is too far ahead of her, she sends powerful blasts of fire after him, but he does not even care about them and casually walks away from them onto his ship. Lin then makes it to the roof and knocks some Chi Blockers down to the roof, as more follow. Korra also drops down to help Lin, Lin and Korra fight together and manage to beat the Chi Blockers, Korra then takes on The Lieutenant as Lin uses her cables to go after Amon. Korra beats the Lieutenant and knocks him off the roof of the arena just as the glass breaks. Again Korra falls and Lin has a decision to make: Go after Amon and possibly arrest him or save Korra. She drops off the platform and dives down towards Korra and manages to catch her and bring her safely to the side of the arena where Tenzin, Mako and Bolin are glad to see the 2 safe. Tenzin says that the City is at War.


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