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The Aftermath

Tarrlok gives a speech to the media about how it is Chief Lin Bei Fong’s fault for the failure to stop Amon’s attack on the Pro Bending arena, he demands that the police get new leadership.

Korra arrives at the wrecked Pro Bending arena to give Mako and Bolin, who have to move out because of the damage, good news, they can live on Air Temple Island. Asami is already there and has asked the brothers to come and live in her fathers mansion, Asami invites Korra to come for a visit to the mansion and after some coercion from Bolin and Pabu she agrees.

Based on a tip off, Lin and her metalbenders raid a Cabbage Corp warehouse where they find the same electric gloves that were used in the attack along with many equalist posters. Cabbage Corp president, Lau Gan-Lan is arrested as the media have a frenzy over such a big corporation working with the Equalists.

At the Metalbender Police Headquarters Korra runs into Tahno who is a shadow of his former self with his bending gone. He tells Korra of how he has been to all the best healers in the city and his loss of bending is permanent. Korra despite not being friends with him is sad to see him in such a state, he asks her to get Amon from him and she agrees. At this moment Lin and Tenzin are done questioning Hiroshi Sato and are ready to talk to Tahno, he gives her a gesture and calls her the “Ovatar” as he walks off.

Korra then arrives at the Sato mansion to find Mako, Bolin and Asami all having fun in the pool. Bolin is loving having a butler to give orders to. Korra wonders what sort of things Asami will have them all doing today, she thinks Asami will make them all have make overs and go shopping as she thinks Asami is a “girly girl”. Asami has something much more exciting planned.

Satomobile racing, at the Sato’s test track. Korra is delighted at this activity, Asami offers to drive Korra around the track. It is a one on one race, Asami and Korra in one Satomobile and a driver in the other. Asami shows Korra in the race that she is not a “girly girl” and really mixes it up on the track going wheel to wheel and driving aggressively, they win. In the pits, Korra admits that she thought Asami was not the type to drive like that, Asami reveals that many people think she is just “Daddy’s little girl” but she has had defence training her whole life.

They all return to the Sato mansion, Korra washes her hands in the powder room and has a mishap with the powder, but on the way out she overhears Hiroshi talking on the phone in his office, he suspiciously talks about how the investigation into Cabbage Corp has given him time and that at the end of the week they will strike. Korra knows Hiroshi is working with the Equalists. She quickly makes an excuse that she is babysitting Tenzin’s kids and leaves to tell Tenzin and Lin about what she heard.

They believe her and reveal that Hiroshi’s wife was killed by a firebender from the Agni Kai Triad, so he has a reason to hate benders, they decide to investigate Hiroshi and Future Industries.

Back at the mansion Mako and Asami are shocked to see Hiroshi being interrogated again, Korra reveals her suspicions and they are both mad at her and do not believe her. Hiroshi agrees to let them search all of Future Industries as he explains the phone conversation away as talking about striking the business market while Cabbage Corp is closed.

The search brings up nothing, Mako thinks Korra is doing this because she is jealous of him and Asami and that if she does not stop that their friendship is over, Korra sticks to her instincts and walks off. As they all go to leave a worker slips Korra a note and it reveals that he has information they are looking for.

Korra, Lin and Tenzin meet the man under the Silk Row Bridge, he reveals that Future Industries manufactured the gloves and that there is a secret factory under the Sato Mansion where Hiroshi is building an even more powerful weapon.

Lin and Tenzin plan the raid and they both know Lin’s job is on the line, if this is wrong then she will be fired. She is set on doing what she can to protect the city.

They burst into the mansion where Mako, Bolin and Asami are relaxing. They are annoyed at the constant police interest, Asami tells them that her father is working in his workshop at the back of the house, but when they arrive he is nowhere to be found. Lin uses her Seismic Sense to locate a secret tunnel leading underground, Asami is shocked at the revelation that her father has being lying to her, Mako is guilty about his treatment of Korra. Officer Song is left to guard Mako, Bolin and Asami as everyone else heads down to the secret factory.

They arrive to find huge Mecha Tanks being made and a lot of Equalist banners. As they call out to Hiroshi a huge door slams shut behind them.

Upstairs the 3 teens hear this and know they need to get down there to help, Mako pretends to sneeze but instead breathes Fire and Bolin trips Song up, they tie him up and head down as Mako asks Asami to stay in the workshop.

Lin tries to metalbend the door, but nothing happens. Hiroshi then reveals himself from inside a Mecha Tank, he tells her that the door and the Mech’s are made from Platinum and it is too pure a metal to be metalbent. Hiroshi also tell them that he led them into a trap and that the man who tipped them off was told to. The fight begins, at first the benders are coping well against the tanks, Lin using her Metal arm blades to cut easily through the soft platinum. Then the tanks start to electrocute the benders, first the metalbenders are knocked out followed by Lin and Korra. Tenzin is the last one left and fights valiantly with his Airbender but is eventually knocked out too. Hiroshi gets out of his Mecha Tank and orders the benders all be tied up and sent to Amon. The Metalbenders are loaded onto transports as Mako and Bolin arrive, they attempt to pull Korra, Tenzin and Lin to safety but are spotted by Hiroshi and The Lieutenant. Mako then puts it all together, everything Hiroshi did to help The Fire Ferrets was just to show he supported benders and would never be considered a suspect. He is about to electrocute the brothers until Asami arrives.

She asks her father to stop and why he is doing this. He asks Asami to join him and the Equalists and tells her that they took her mother away and have ruined the world, he offers her an electric glove. She makes her decision and puts on the glove, she tells her father that she loves him, Shocks him and quickly shocks The Lieutenant also. They all use this chance to escape as Bolin covers the escape with Earthbending.

Aboard the Airship, Lin feels she has failed with her metalbender officers captured and tells Tenzin she is going resign and save her men even outside of the law. Mako apologises to Korra for not believing her, she too wishes she was not right, Mako asks if they can still live on Air Temple Island, she says yes and even Asami can stay. She tells Mako that right now Asami needs someone, she tells Mako to comfort Asami.



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  1. Madison jones Said: Comment by Madison jones on May 24, 2012 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

    This was the best episode yet! Cant waite for saterday!:D but i hope mako and korra end up togeather


    Airspeed Reply:

    No new episode this Saturday due to memorial day weekend. Episode 8 will Air June 2nd.

  2. korra Said: Comment by korra on May 25, 2012 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

    this series is getting better and better gonna miss ep 8



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