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When Extremes Meet

Mako, Bolin and Asami arrive to stay on Air Temple Island, the Air Acolytes unload Asami’s massive amounts of belongings she brought with her, they are greeted by Korra, Meelo, Ikki and Jinora. Meelo instantly develops a crush on Asami as they are all split up to go the the boys and girls sides of the island. Ikki and Korra bring Asami to her room and along the way Ikki tells Asami that Korra likes Mako, Korra is unbelievably embarrassed, but Asami brushes it off. She is just happy to have a place to stay that does not remind her of her father, then Tenzin arrive to greet Asami and to inform them that Captain Saikhan has been named as the new Chief of Police.

Korra and Tenzin are at the ceremony to announce Saikhan to the city, he reveals that he will give Tarrlok the full support of the Metalbender Police force, in other words giving Tarrlok complete control over the police as well as his task force. Tenzin and Korra both realise that Tarrlok has used some foul play to get Saikhan’s support, but he brushes it off as conspiracies. Korra reveals that she will not be rejoining his task force and that he needs her but she does not need him, he calls her a “half baked Avatar” and insults her progress at Airbending, which hits her hard.

On Oogi flying back to Air Temple Island, Korra feels like a bad Avatar for not being able to bend Air at all yet. Tenzin assures her that it will happen in time and asks if she has ever connected with any of the previous Avatars, again the answer is no but she tells Tenzin about her visions, he urges her to meditate upon them as he believes that they are Aang trying to communicate with her.

At the council meeting the following day Tarrlok proposes some new laws, the first makes it illegal to conspire with or join the Equalists and the second imposes a curfew on all non benders. Tenzin opposes this as it hurts all non benders for the actions of only a few, the council votes and once again Tenzin is the only one to oppose despite being correct.

Back on Airtemple Island Korra looks off into the distance crying, she feels alone as the Avatar and that she is the worst one ever, soon Mako, Asami, Bolin and Pabu arrive, they manage to cheer her up saying that she has her friends with her, like Aang had “Team Avatar” with this the new Team Avatar is born as Meelo arrives assisted by some “fartbending”. They decide to patrol the city and show that the Avatar is useful, they all try to get on Naga but 4 is too many people for her, Asami then comes up with a better plan and gets out her Satomobile, impressing the rest of the team. As they drive around the city listening to the police scanner, which Hiroshi Sato had installed to keep him one step ahead of the police, for any disturbances. They soon hear of a group of Chi Blockers who escaped from jail and see them up ahead and set off in pursuit.

They manage to knock a few chi blockers off their motorbikes using Mako’s Lightning and Bolin’s earthbending, the group also uses their bending to help the Satomobile jump over a truck and take a very tight turn, soon the battle switches to the hood of the Satomobile, the benders manage to subdue the chi blockers while Asami electrocutes them with her electric glove. With all the escapees rounded up, Team Avatar pose for the media as an angry Tarrlok arrives, he accuses them of interfering with Police business, but Korra knowing he cannot do anything her simply states that she saw no one else pursue them, no police in sight, he storms off giving them their last warning.

Later on they overhear talk on the scanner of groups of Equalists on the streets armed. When they arrive, the power is off and it is just innocent non benders asking for their power to be put back on angry at the curfew for non benders only. A woman asks Korra for help as she is the non bender’s Avatar too, she confronts Tarrlok who is nearby orchestrating this enforcement of curfew. Tarrlok is not hearing it and orders the people rounded up, the metalbenders then use the barricades and bend them around the groups and then use Earthbending to lift them into the air terrifying all of the non benders and horrifying Korra at how wrong it is. She rushes to bring the groups down with Earthbending, Tarrlok knows he cannot touch the Avatar in front of so many people so he has the rest of Team Avatar arrested, Korra gets angry and is about to earthbend at Tarrlok until she too realises she cannot touch him with so many people around, she is forced to back down, she tells Tarrlok she will have Tenzin get everyone released.

Tenzin quickly arrives at Police Headquarters to try and get Korra’s friends out of Jail, he see Saikhan and demands they be released as they are innocent, but he says he cannot until the task force deems them no threat. Saikhan tells them to bring it up with Tarrlok, Tenzin and Korra leave as they both call him the worst Chief ever.

That night Korra is unable to sleep and decided to confront Tarrlok, she bursts into the room and Tarrlok knows exactly what it is about and orders his page to leave. Korra tries to reason with Tarrlok as she tells him that what he is doing is exactly what Amon expects of the Benders, Tarrlok offers Korra a deal: Her friends released for her support,  she realises exactly what has happened, all the previous events were all to get her support, he only arrested her friends to blackmail Korra. She refuses and calls him no better than Amon, this hits a nerve with Tarrlok and he is furious and sends a lethal water attack at Korra, she dodges as the battle begins.

She begins to Firebend at him as he defends with a water bubble, he then begins to strike back  by sending mass amounts of sharp ice daggers towards Korra, she narrowly avoids most of them, but is cut on the shoulder and cheek by some, she then puts up an earth shield and strikes back powerfully with Earthbending, she moves teh whole back wall and send Tarrlok crashing trough the side wall until he is hanging onto the second floor ledge, she walks out enraged wondering if he still considers her “half baked now” as she explodes the second floor with earthbending sending Tarrlok to the first floor, she jumps down and lands with an Earthbending attack sending Tarrlok flying back, she moves in to finish him with Firebending until he reveals that he can bloodbend. He stops her attack and bends her into submission as she wonders how he is doing it with no full moon present, he tells Korra that there is a lot she does not know about him as he tosses her against a pillar knocking her out.

As she drifts into unconsciousness she has another vision, clearer this time. She sees Yukone who appears to bloodbend Sokka, Toph and most of the courthouse as Aang struggles to stop him.

She regains consciousness in a truck, she is tied up, he tells her that he is sending her somewhere she will never be found, Korra tries to breathe fire at him, but he shuts the door just in time, she is driven off to the unknown location.


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