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Out Of The Past

Tarrlok has brought Korra to a cabin in the snowy mountains outside United Republic, he bloodbends her into a metal box and then drives back to the city.

Meelo sleeping in his parents bed is awoken by the phone ringing, he answers it before Tenzin takes over. Tenzin is informed that Korra has been captured. He then rushes to the crime scene to find Tarrlok being healed for injuries, he lies and tells Tenzin that when Korra cam to meet him they were attacked by equalists, when in fact he had planted evidence of an equalist attack instead going as far as to electrocute himself. Tarrlok demands the police be mobilised to find Korra.

Lin in hospital overhears the news of Korra’s capture on the radio and decides it is time for her to return to action, she puts on her armour and then removed the police badge. She then goes to the jail and breaks Mako, Bolin and Asami out so they can all search for Korra.

Meanwhile Korra angrily attempts to break out of the metal box, but to no avail. She then remembers Tenzin’s advice, to mediate on her visions. With nothing else to distract her this is oddly the perfect time for her to meditate, she quickly manages to connect with Aang and begins to see the visions more clearly.

She sees Police Chief Toph and Avatar Aang talking, Aang is going with the metalbenders as it is a serious situation with many victims, they walk into a restaurant and arrest a man named Yakone who is the leader of the criminal underworld in the city. He seems confident that he will not be convicted, but Aang and Toph have many witnesses.

Lin, Asami, Mako and Bolin arrive at Tenzin’s office, he is shocked to see Lin out of hospital and the others not in jail. They ask if he has any leads on where Korra is. They have none and even Naga is missing, they believe they are hiding underground as there is a maze of tunnels down their, Asami’s father’s secret workshop was underground and Bolin was taken underground when he was captured. Lin believes her captured offices are down there also. They go on Oogi to where Bolin was taken in the truck and quickly locate a tunnel nearby. They enter and everything seems normal, Mako is very intense about finding Korra and Asami knows that he also has feelings for Korra, she then asks Bolin about this. He tries to assure her that there is nothing there, but she forces him to reveal that the two kissed once, which upsets Asami as two equalists on motorbikes enter the tunnel and go through a secret panel in the wall. They break open the secret panel and find a secret equalist base. They use a nearby tram to head towards the prisons, they quietly take out some equalists and demand to know where Korra is, Lin can only see her officers as Mako threatens a Chi Blocker for information. She breaks out her officers, but their bending has already been taken. The chi blocker reveals that they never attacked city hall and that Tarrlok is lying, Tenzin realises that Tarrlok is behind Korra’s capture. The alarm then goes off and Team Avatar makes their escape using the tram, they are followed, but Bolin uses Earthbending to stop them, but waiting up ahead is The Lieutenant with many Chi Blockers. Lin uses Metalbending and Earthbending to send the Tram up through the roof as they escape to safety.

Korra sees more of her vision. At Yakone’s trial, it is mentioned that he has evaded prosecution for years because of a lack of evidence, but now they have many witnesses that will prove how he has controlled the criminal empire, with Bloodbending an outlawed ability. Yakone’s lawyer argues that they all know the ability can only be performed during a full moon, but that all the witnesses ¬†will say that he use the ability at every time except during a full moon, so it is impossible for him to be found guilty. Councilman Sokka gives the councils verdict, he talks about how he has seen many unique benders in his time, including Toph who discovered Metalbending and Combustion Man who he bested with his Boomerang. The sheer amount of evidence means that they have found Yakone guilty of being a bloodbender with a unique ability. He is sentenced to life in prison, he stands up and then begins to bloodbend everyone in the room as he laughs.

Tenzin and co arrive at city hall to confront Tarrlok, he arrives and is denying everything, they have no evidence, until Tarrlok’s page steps out from behind an upstairs pillar and tells everyone what really happened, that Tarrlok kidnapped Korra and that Tarrlok is a bloodbender. Everyone is shocked at the revelation and is ready to take down Tarrlok, he then starts to bloodbend everyone and knocks them out before fleeing to the cabin where Korra is.

Korra sees more of the vision. Yakone bloodbends Toph into unlocking his handcuffs , he then knocks everyone in the room out before turning to Aang who is trying to resist Yakone’s control. He lifts Aang into the air and then throws him across the room as he flees, Aang activates the Avatar state and pursues, he crashes Yakone’s cart and waits for Yakone to come out, he appears and again starts to bloodbend Aang this time intent on killing him, Aang’s limbs near their breaking point until the defence mechanism Avatar State activates and easily breaks free of Yakone’s bloodbending, he gets out of the Avatar State, earthbends him into submission and then takes Yakone’s bending away with Energybending. Aang has ended Yakone’s threat to the city.

Korra stops meditating and realises that Aang was trying to warn her about Tarrlok and his bloodbending. Tarrlok then returns and Korra knows his secret is out, Tarrlok is set to leave the city with Korra as his hostage. She knows he is Yakone’s son, he tells her that he separated himself from his father so he could try to take over the city not as a criminal but from a position of power. As he leaves the cabin he is confronted by Amon, The Lieutenant and some Chi Blockers. He attempts to bloodbend them and it works on all but Amon, who continues to walk towards him, Tarrlok concentrates more and manages to slow Amon down, but he continues to resist his power. Tarrlok wonders what Amon is as Amon takes his bending away. He then tells The Lieutenant to knock Korra out by shocking her cage, she uses one of her wrist bands to hold her self off the floor of the cage, she then pretends to be knocked out as the door is opened. She firebends and then Earthbends beating the other equalists and then exits the cabin to see Amon, she tries to take him out with ice spikes, but he dodges and pursues, rather than staying to fight she flees by sledding down the mountain side. Amon lets her go as Korra ¬†falls and slides into a tree, she is so exhausted and injured she cannot get back up, then Naga arrives and Korra manages to get atop Naga who brings her back to the city.

Tenzin and co aboard Oogi hear Naga calling out and quickly find her and Korra, Mako rushes to get Korra and carries her onto Oogi telling her how much he missed her, leaving Asami looking concerned.


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