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Turning The Tides

Mako watches over Korra as she sleeps, she is exhausted after her traumatic experience, he holds her hand as Asami watches on from the doorway. At the same time Tenzin returns home and checks in on Pema and the 3 kids who have waited up for him, they are all glad that Korra is ok and Tenzin says that everything is going to be fine.

The next day Korra is back to normal and is eating well, she tells Tenzin and Lin what happened with Tarrlok and Amon and that Tarrlok is Yakone’s son. When she reveals that Amon took Tarrlok’s bending away Tenzin believes Amon is entering his endgame. In the kitchen as Asami and Pema clean up, Pema hunches over in pain, she brushes it off as the baby kicking, but the baby is going to be born very soon. Mako then asks for some more hot water for Korra, Asami snaps at Mako wondering why he does not heat it himself as a firebender, Pema leaves the room so the two can talk alone. Asami asks Mako if he has feelings for Korra, Mako just says he was concerned for her safety, she then reveals that she knows about their kiss, Mako just says that things are crazy at the moment and wants to deal with their relationship another time, Asami storms off.

Tenzin then awkwardly asks Lin to look out for his family while he attends a council meeting, she agrees to protect her old friends family, Pema then arrives and is told about Lin helping out, she then hands Meelo to Lin who immediately needs to go to the toilet, Tenzin leaves as Lin wonders what she has gotten herself into.

The Fire Nation councilwoman is leaving for the meeting when there is a knock at her door, it is the Lieutenant disguised as a Spider-Rat exterminator, he electrocutes her and captures her. The same happens to the Earth Kingdom and Southern Water Tribe representative. Tenzin arrives on Oogi at the roof entrance to City Hall, the 3 men cleaning the dome are equalists in disguise, they jump down with their electric weapons ready, Tenzin’s beard fuzzes up and this notifies him of the danger, which he avoids and begins to fight off his attackers. He creates a large air cyclone and sends his attackers flying away. The council page then appears and reveals to Tenzin that with the other council members captured, that Tenzin is in charge of the city. Explosions then go off all across the city as Equalist Airships arrive to invade the city.

Lin, the kids and Team Avatar all see the attack on the city from Air Temple Island.

Hiroshi Sato, on an airship with Amon looks at an old photo of himself with his wife and daughter, he has waited so long for the day the Equalists would take over the city, Amon is intent on taking over the city.

Team Avatar arrive at the city and quickly locate the “AvaCar” which Korra had to park after Asami was arrested, she crashed it into a lamppost. It has loads of parking tickets, but with an attack on the city they don’t matter and they all get in the car. Mako goes to sit beside Asami, but she demands he sit next to Korra. As they drive off.

Tenzin arrives at the Police Headquarters, they are in big trouble as many of their airships are being taken out by Equalist ships and the officers are spread to thin across the city. Tenzin sends a wire to the General of The United Forces, before smoke enters the headquarters and the power goes out, Tenzin escorts everyone to safety using his Airbending to protect everyone from the smoke. They make it outside only to be confronted by many Mecha Tanks. Chief Saikhan and the other officers are quickly captured by the magnets as Tenzin defends the other people, he fights well but if eventually knocked down, he is about to be captured when Team Avatar in the Satomobile arrive on the scene. Bolin creates an earth ramp and Asami drives the car off the ramp as they all jump out which sends the car flying into a Mecha Tank destroying it. Team Avatar quickly take out the remaining Tanks as they save Tenzin. Hiroshi and Amon look on as they watch Tenzin escape, Hiroshi is struggling watching his daughter fight with the benders and Amon promises that he will get his daughter back. Tenzin and co then notice that an Air Ship is heading for Air Temple Island and they rush back to defend it.

The Airship is led by The Lieutenant, he and some equalists slide down and attack the island as the Order Of The White Lotus guards rush to defend. Lin waits back at the house to protect Pema and the kids, as she orders them inside Pema reveals that the baby is coming and she is rushed into labour.

The OWL guards hold back the equalists, but another airship arrives and drops in The Lieutenant and more equalists ahead of them, Lin is left alone to protect Tenzin’s family. She fights them all with Metal and Earthbending, she manages to hold them all off until The Lieutenant shocks her and is about to knock her out until Jinora arrives on her Glider and airbends him over the house, Ikki then arrives on an Air Scooter and knocks down some equalists and then Meelo enters the fight and using Fartbending and some crazy Airbending moves he takes out the rest of the equalists himself.

Tenzin, Korra and the rest arrive back on the Island. Tenzin is shocked that Lin let the kids fight, until Lin reveals that they saved her and that he trained them well. Tenzin ┬áthen rushes to Pema. The baby is already there when he arrives, it is a boy, they name him Rohan. The other kids introduce themselves and the family has a nice moment, but it is cut short when Korra reveals that more Airships are coming. Tenzin realises that he has to get his family away from the battle and decides to flee on Oogi with them, Lin says she is going too as Tenzin’s family are the last Airbenders and they need to be protected. Tenzin tells Korra and her friends to hide until reinforcements arrive. They all get on the sky bisons and leave, but two airships break off and pursue.

More equalists land on the island, The OWL guards cover Team Avatar’s escape, as they all get on Naga and flee. They are chased by The Lieutenant, but Naga just leaps into the air and swats him out of the way as they escape underwater.

The Airships are gaining on Oogi, Lin is defending them from the grappling hooks, but realises they will soon be caught. So she knows what she has to do, she grabs the rope with her metal cable and tells them not to turn back no matter what, they all know what she is doing and watch as she swings onto the first Airship. She then powerfully metalbends the airship ripping it apart, as it blows up she leaps onto the second airship and begins to do the same, but she is hit with an electric bolo and captured, but not before damaging the airship and causing them to stop the pursuit of Oogi. Tenzin and his family are all saddened by Lin’s sacrifice and know they are only safe now because of her.

Team Avatar watch on from a sewage pipe as Air Temple Island is captured. Mako comforts Korra as Asami remains mad at Mako.

Lin is brought before Amon on Air Temple Island, he offers her a deal. She can keep her bending if she reveals where Korra is. Lin refuses and knows what is coming next as Amon takes her bending away.

The General of The United forces is given a wire from Korra, that tells him that Amon has taken over the city. He tells the officer to respond that he will be arriving in 3 days time and that he looks forward to taking back the city together. The officer reveals that the General is named Iroh, Zuko’s grandson. He has a massive fleet of battleships under his command.


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    Definitely a great episode! I look forward tomorrow!



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