Legend of Korra Episode 1

Legend of Korra Episode 1 is an Exciting Continuation of the Avatar Series

In Legend of Korra Episode 1 the new Avatar “Korra” is discovered by the White Lotus and brought up from a young age to begin training in all of the elements necessary to become the Avatar.

As the story progresses Korra learns the first 3 elements Water, Earth, and Fire with only Air left she seeks out Tenzin (Aang’s Son) to complete her training.  Tenzin however is unable to train Korra due to his Republic city duties and leaves Korra at the White Lotus headquarters.  Korra flees and tries to find Tenzin in Republic City where she has a run in with some local thugs and the Metal Bending Police Force run by Chief Lin Bei Fong (Tophs Daughter).  Tenzin breaks her out and after much deliberation decides to teach Korra Airbending at his home in Republic City.  Korra learns of the Pro-bending arena and is immediately smitten by the idea of the awesome sport.  Tenzin however isn’t so impressed and tries to keep her from it, forcing Korra to escape again.

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