The Legend Of Korra Episode 7 – The Aftermath


In “The Aftermath” after the closure of The Pro Bending Arena Mako and Bolin go to live with Asami in her fathers mansion. While visiting Korra overhears Hiroshi in a suspicious conversation on the phone and suspects he may be working with the Equalists. How will this suspicion affect her friendship with Mako, how will Asami take this betrayal from her father.

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  1. Cigala Said: Comment by Cigala on May 23, 2012 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Nickelodeon uploads the video of increasingly more late.
    I think they do in order to avoid the WEBRip downloads.

    (webrip videos are good because there’s not appear the nick logo)


    Airspeed Reply:

    Perhaps, it may be because they do not want the episode being online to affect the ratings when they repeat the episode a day or two afterwards.

    Though I find the live broadcast and all the adverts they put on the screen taking up about 1/3 to be more annoying than the small Nick logo on the site.


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