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The Legend Of Korra will have it’s television Premiere on April 14th at 11am EST. The show will premiere with Episode 1 and 2, Welcome To Republic City and A Leaf In The Wind. So I urge all Avatar fans to tune in and make sure that the show gets good tv ratings, even if you have already seen the episodes online.

New Nick Korra Site

Korra interactive

Nick just a few days ago launched the new “Welcome To Republic City” Interactive site on their Korra section

This site which is USA only, I suggest using Tunnelbear if you are not american to access the site (

On this site you get a very interesting tour of the various location of United Republic, only 3 of the locations are open at the moment, with the rest to open soon. Interesting stuff that we get is new character bios which reveal a few new pieces of info such as the characters ages, we also get some more world building on United Republic.

I will write up an info summary post once all the areas are open.

Interview with P.J Byrne, Voice of Bolin

pj byrne

Our Main Site Admin Jordan recently got the chance to interview P.J Byrne. You can find interview and the various ways to listen to it in this post

In the interview P.J Bryne gives insight into many aspects of voicing Bolin, including working with his fellow voice actors, how it is to work at Nick, and some great insight into Bolin as a character and his character arc on the show.

Site News

Just an update on content you will see on this site. Along with the regular Korra news, we will post links to listen to the sites Podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast, which includes indepth discussion on the episodes and also on all the latest Avatar news. Myself and maybe some others will Review each and every episode of Korra on the site, soon after they air. There will be Episode summaries also and some other helpful posts like that.

Remember if you are looking for an Avatar forum, please join the forums over onĀ


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